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Thursday 30 May 2013

Oh Canada Eh - part 5 - Jasper National Park

Monday 6th May

While in Jasper, we took a couple of excursions out to explore the national park. Lots to see in some spectacular scenery. Thanks to our JAC guides.

Our first view of a Bald Eagle in Canada.
This female was sitting tightly on a nest by Medicine Lake.
Big Horned Sheep - which ended up sunbathing on the road !!! - Angela's photograph.
Milbert's Tortoiseshell Butterfly ? by Maligne Lake.
An evening wildlife trip resulted in this stunning summer plumage Common Loon
(Great Northern Diver) on Pyramid Lake.

A group of Elk showed really well close to the vehicle,
including this collared individual.

A group of Mule Deer showed on a nearby hillside...
... but all were eclipsed by our second Black Bear sighting of the holiday.
Sadly this grass eating Bear quickly moved back into the trees
so my only shot was once again through glass.
A wonderful encounter nonetheless.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Oh Canada Eh - Part 4 - Banff to Jasper

Sunday 5th May

A big day travelling through some stunning scenery and taking in Lake Louisa and the Columbia Icefields. Even the earache that I had didn't stop me enjoying the views that we experienced. And of course as we neared Jasper it was topped off by the following sighting...

Black Bear !!! Taken by Angela from our coach -
Steve, our driver, expertly pulled over on the Trans-Canada Highway to give
everybody a great view and memorable experience.
Earlier in the day at the Columbia Icefields - This beast, worth  750,000 Canadian Dollars,
managed to get us on to the glacier. A bit different to the coach that we used that week !!!
About as cold as it got on the holiday. Standing on a glacier - a first !!!
Binoculars in hand - not a first - LOL !!! 

Oh Canada Eh - Part 3 - Fenland Trail, Banff.

4th May (still).

After our helicopter flight, we had a walk around the Fenland Trail in Banff and across to the Vermillion Lakes.
White-tailed Deer - one of 2 seen feeding here...
... allowing us to approach fairly close.
These handsome little fellas kept a close eye on us as we walked along a side road.
A passing cyclist told us that these are Richardson's Ground Squirrels.
Red Squirrel feeding - photo taken by Angela.
The Vermillion Lakes, Banff, where we saw a large number of wildfowl - Hooded Mergansers most notably
- Angela's photograph.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Oh Canada Eh - Part 2 - Canmore Heliport

4th May - Angela's birthday and a helicopter flight over the Rockies seemed the best way to celebrate !!!

Alpine Helicopters, based in Canmore - just outside of the Banff National Park.
Pre-flight photo - ahead of my first ever helicopter ride.
Our ride for the 30 minute journey over the mountains. Steve, our pilot, has the best job in the world...

As can be seen from the above photographs.
Back on the ground...

What a memorable flight !!!

Oh Canada Eh !!! - Part 1 - Calgary & Banff Arrival

Thursday 2nd to 11th May 2013

Here are some of the photographic highlights from our 'Heart of the Canadian Rockies' holiday. We had some marvellous weather, topping 30 Degrees Celsius in Kamloops, saw some absolutely stunning scenery and met some great people during the coach tour.

Calgary & Banff (3rd):

Canada Goose ... in CANADA !!! - Calgary.

Buffalo Statue at Fort Calgary.
Barrow's Goldeneye along the Bow River - Banff.
In display mode.
Bow River & Falls - Banff.
Pair of Harlequin Ducks on the Bow Falls.
Dark-eyed Junco - Banff.