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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Oh Canada Eh - Part 6 - Mount Robson & Clearwater.

Tuesday 7th May 13:

Travelling from Jasper to Kamloops involved several stops - the first of which was at the Mount Robson Provincial Park visitor centre.

At the visitor centre, I finally managed to get some pictures of
an American Robin, a bird we saw all over western Canada.
Yes it does have a red breast !!!
A magnificent view of Mount Robson - Angela's photograph.
The summit of Mount Robson. Our tour guide announced that only 10%
of visitors get to see the top of the mountain. Thankfully the stunning
weather meant we were some of the lucky ones.

The next stop was at Dutch Lake in Clearwater.
Another very scenic spot, captured by Angela.
Sadly this was as close as we got to a real Moose. Oh well, a reason to return.
Terrapin ???
We ended the day with the sun going down over the river in Kamloops.

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