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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lesser Whitethroat at Dungeness RSPB

Here are some photos of the Lesser Whitethroat that I found in the main car park bushes by the Dungeness RSPB visitor centre this afternoon (1st Dec). It showed very well from the warmth and comfort of the visitor centre for about 10 minutes.

All photos taken from the warmth of the visitor centre - through glass!
More sightings from Dungeness and Walland Marsh to follow later....


  1. What a great little bird to see. From Findlay

  2. Neil, difficult to say much about this bird apart from that it is a Lesser `throat. The Sibe and eastern races require close scrutiny to differentiate, but I did find a Sibe type at Holme in early December about 20 years ago. That bird was noticeably paler, especially on the tertials, and lacked the contrast between white throat and buffy underparts. A good find nonetheless. Cheers, Paul