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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hobby Days

Here are some photos of a Hobby (1st Summer?) that I took at Dungeness RSPB today (9th). The bird was perched on the brick wall by Boulderwall Farm and allowed a very close approach. The rumours were that it been stunned/glanced by a passing car. The bird was still able to fly and was later seen further along the entrance track, on the bend by the gate to Hookers and Dengemarsh.

Hobby up close

Hobby at Boulderwall Farm

Hobby on the garden wall of the farm

Hobby - on the entrance track, near the gate to Hookers
More to follow later....


  1. Great shots of this normally hard to approach bird. It does look a bit dazed though, glad there was a happy ending.

  2. A similar bird was seen at Sandwich Bay this evening..... interesting!

  3. Poor old Hobby, looks like it could do with a juicy dragonfly :-)