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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Big Garden Birdwatch Update

I have just submitted my garden bird sightings to the RSPB from the weekend and it was a mixed bag really. We did manage to improve on the list that I mentioned last Friday. Totals were:

22 House Sparrows (about the norm),
12 Starlings (the big flocks just didn't materialise),
2 Blackbirds (both males),
2 Chaffinches (again males),
2 Blue Tits,
2 Woodpigeons (the first visit of the winter surprisingly),
2 Greenfinches (a pair - visiting the seed feeder for the first time in many months),
1 Dunnock,
1 Collared Dove (can get double figures!),
1 Robin (singing in the dark),

The left over take-away chips came up trumps early on Sunday morning with 2 Carrion Crows, 2 Magpies, and singles of Black-headed and Herring Gulls. The Herring in particular stayed a good couple of minutes, gobbling down a significant proportion of the left overs. They are normally just fly overs.

Yesterday (30th) after leaving work in Maidstone, I had a Common Buzzard sitting on a roadside post near to Junction 8 of the M20 motorway. I have been driving this route for 8 and a half years and it is the first time I have seen one sitting here. You just never know what you will find next.

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